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Not everyone on a hookup app is looking for sex and even if they are, who gives a toss? Spare us your sanctimony, your grace.

This is fine — nothing wrong with a one-night-stand — as long as he realises that too. We place a lot of importance, misguidedly I feel, on not having sex on the first date. If you feel it between you, then go for it.

The Guyliner has been writing about gay dating since and is also a columnist at Gay Times Magazine. See how the Soulmates team got on at The Cavendish, read our full […]. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you relevant advertising. To find out more, read our updated privacy policy.

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Dating Tips For Gay Men | The Soulmates Blog

Guyliner shares his top 10 gay dating tips to help you bag a great date. If you feel this way, chances are, so does he. Now, this is the make or break moment. Now all you have to do is take his hand and here are 3 possible outcomes of that bold move: This could put you well on the way to your first kiss this evening, and figuring out how versatile he really is.

10 Tips to Better Gay Online Dating

In this case, bail and abort. First dates are hard, both for you and the other guy. Nerves play a role, and self-doubt will creep in no matter how confident or shy you are. Send an email to social planetromeo. More Stories.

Shy Guys have more sex.

We all have to start somewhere: Beginners Kink. Back to the Blog. Online Dating Tips 1. Be upfront about being shy. See being shy as an unlikely asset. You are more than just shy, so make sure to mention your other qualities. Shy guys spend less time talking and more time doing. Put yourself in the shoes of your date.

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Shy Guys have more sex. The Gay Guide to Rimming. Alexis Caught Lex , Podcaster.

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